October Member of the Month Spotlight – Joni Stiman

October Member of the Month Spotlight – Joni Stiman



I am so excited to announce that the October Member of the Month is Joni Stiman!


Joni has been with Forever Fit SCV for almost 5 years now and she’s been working hard and super consistent since Day 1! She was the winner of our very first Transformation Challenge and was so surprised with her results from simply following the program.


Joni has had an amazing support system since she started. She initially started with a great friend and, during her time with us, has inspired her daughter, husband and a few co-workers to join in as well. Her determination of a healthy lifestyle and love for her new found fitness level continues to inspire those around her every single day.




Joni has had to persevere through many obstacles and things haven’t always been easy for her. Whether its her crazy work schedule (she’s a high school teacher, God bless her!), a surgery or her amazing grandchildren, Joni has continued to make her fitness a priority and truly understands what it means to KEEP MAKIN’ CHANGES!


We are so proud of what Joni continues to accomplish and are so happy to be on this journey with her.  We were able to able to catch up with Joni to find out how and why she’s been so successful and here’s what she had to say:


Craig: When did you start training at Forever Fit SCV?

Joni: I began to train at Forever Fit SCV because I was turning 50 and I felt that I was not prioritizing my health and I needed to.  I came to the realization that the best thing that I could do for the ones that I love was to take care of myself, so I could continue to care for them.  I was more tired at the end of the day than I felt I should be at my age and with 3 grandchildren under 5, I need energy!! I already knew Craig and had great respect for him, so I knew I could count on him to guide me to where I needed to be.


Craig: What has made you so successful at Forever Fit SCV?

Joni: Forever Fit SCV is for all people at any age and at any fitness level.  In the beginning, I struggled with every workout, but I enjoyed them.  I was successful because what I was doing was working.  I immediately felt success, lost weight, became strong and most importantly felt better and empowered to change my life.  I have ups and down, but for 5 years now I have not regretted any workout or any commitment I have made to improve my life at Forever Fit SCV.




Craig: What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome during your fitness transformation?

Joni: The biggest obstacle for me is when I find myself going back to lazy or unhealthy habits. I am in this for the long haul and I plan to prioritize health and fitness forever.  When life gets busy, I avoid making excuses and jump back into healthy habits as soon as I can.


Craig: What advice would you offer to others who are just starting out on their fitness journey or have hit a road-block?

Joni: I never believed this before, but it is as simple as making a decision to commit to it.  There are no quick fixes that last forever and the only way to feel good is to decide to take care of ourselves everyday in the best way we can.  The rest of the journey is to continue to make that decision every day.  The goal is not perfection, but continued progress.




Craig: What drives you to ‘KEEP MAKIN’ CHANGES’?

Joni: When I have made changes and tried new things,  I find myself happier and healthier.  The people at Forever Fit SCV and the inspirational coaches keep me coming to workouts even when I am tired and really not into it.  I always leave with a great feeling and more energy!  My friends and family have noticed this and several of them now work out with me at Forever Fit.  My support system continues to grow and that is what drives me.



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