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December Member of the Month Spotlight – Brian Sunde

December Member of the Month Spotlight – Brian Sunde



I am so excited to announce that the December Member of the Month is Brian Sunde!


Brian has been with Forever Fit SCV for almost one year now and he’s been consistently crushin’ it since Day 1! Brian came to us because he was lacking energy and noticed that the things he loved to do were becoming harder and harder. He made a solid commitment to change some habits and live a healthier lifestyle and he has seen BIG CHANGE!


Since Brian started with us here at Forever Fit SCV, he has been one of the most consistent people in the gym, hands down. He trains 3 days/week at 5am so he can be home with his family in the evenings and could make the excuse that he’s too tired to come to the gym, but he never does! He’s here every time, ready to go with a smile on his face. He evens works in a Friday or Saturday session each week to ensure his success.  This is what has allowed him to lose over 15 pounds in two different transformation challenges and keep it off!




Nutrition was a struggle for Brian at the beginning, but he asked a lot of questions and we were able to make a healthy nutrition plan that worked for him. Portion control and moderation are things we all struggle with, but  Brian has learned that he doesn’t need to be ‘perfect’ all of the time to see results, he just has to be consistent.


Brian’s got a competitive side and, every once in a while, he let’s it show. Whether its a transformation challenge at the gym or a personal challenge with himself, he really exceeds when there is something at stake. I’ve even seen him give a glance at his training partner and crank things up a notch to challenge himself a bit more and beat his partner, all in good fun of course.




We are so proud of what Brian has accomplished and can’t wait to see him continue to KEEP MAKIN’ CHANGES! We were able to able to catch up with him to find out how and why he’s been so successful and here’s what he had to say:


Craig: Why did you start training at Forever Fit SCV?

Brian: I needed to lose weight and get healthy. I have tried going to 24 hour Fitness, LA Fitness, running, and dieting. It would help for a month or two, but in the end it would all come back and more.

Susanne Ma completed a 28 day challenge about a year and  half  ago, and she told me that I need to try it, it will change your life. For 3-4 months, I always had an excuse whether it was scheduling or questioning how would it be any different than what I was doing currently (which wasn’t working anyway.) Once she finally got me to commit, I have been with Forever Fit SCV ever since.


Craig: What has made you so successful at Forever Fit SCV?

Brian: There is two main reasons why I have been successful. First, I have been committed to the process. If I come and train 3 or more days a week, follow meal guidelines, and drink my water, I will see results.  Second, I enjoy coming to Forever Fit SCV. I have never wanted to go to gym. I actually look forward to it even at 5am after a long weekend or a late night at Dodger Stadium.



Craig: What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome during your fitness transformation?

Brian: Portion control! I have struggled with portion control for many years. When I was younger, I could eat whatever I wanted and didn’t matter how much. I would just burn it off. Once I hit my mid 20’s that wasn’t the case anymore and I have struggled ever since. It also doesn’t help that my wife’s nickname is The Food Pusher, but I have to say since I  started Forever Fit SCV she has been much better with me and letting me choose my portion size.


Craig: What advice would you offer to others who are just starting out on their fitness journey or have hit a road-block?

Brian: Stay committed to the process. Everyone has their bumps in the road, but if you can honestly say you are putting in the time at Forever Fit SCV and following Craig’s nutrition plan, you will reach your goals.


Craig: What drives you to ‘KEEP MAKIN’ CHANGES’?

Brian: I want to live a healthy life, so I can enjoy time with my wife and kids. I want to see my kids grow-up, and also be able to show them how to live a healthy lifestyle.