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September Member of the Month Spotlight – Tracey Cohn

September Member of the Month Spotlight – Tracey Cohn


I am so excited to announce that the September Member of the Month is Tracey Cohn!


Tracey has been with Forever Fit SCV for over 2 years now and she’s been working hard and super consistent since Day 1!  She is an amazing elementary school teacher that pours her heart and soul into the kids she teaches, but still makes her family and her own health a priority.


Tracey first started with us during a transformation challenge and instantly made changes to her nutrition. I still remember her coming in and telling me excitedly how the positive changes she was making were carrying over to her family and how great the all felt.  I could not have been more proud of her for leading the way and being the positive example at home as well as the gym.


Tracey continues to be a supportive, guiding light inside and outside of the gym.  She is always there to lend an ear to a fellow teacher during a training session or congratulate another Forever Fit SCV Family member on their achievement.  She is still striving to improve her push-ups (something she’s been focused on since day 1) and we know she’ll get there because good things come to great people.




We are so proud of what Tracey continues to accomplish and are so happy to be on this journey with her.  We were able to able to catch up with Tracey to find out how and why she’s been so successful and here’s what she had to say:


Craig: When did you start training at Forever Fit SCV?

Tracey: To look and feel better about myself.


Craig: What has made you so successful at Forever Fit SCV?

Tracey: People and friends that come every day.


Craig: What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome during your fitness transformation?

Tracey: Life, trying to turn everyday frustrations into something positive.


Craig: What advice would you offer to others who are just starting out on their fitness journey or have hit a road-block?

Tracey: Never give up!


Craig: What drives you to ‘KEEP MAKIN’ CHANGES’?

Tracey: Wanting to look and feel better about myself.