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March Member of the Month Spotlight – Lance O’Keefe

I am so excited to announce that the March Member of the Month is Lance O’Keefe!


Lance has been with Forever Fit SCV for over 2 years now (he just earned his 2 year bag) and can be heard motivating everyone around him when he trains!


If you have ever had trained with or around Lance, then you know he is an extremely hard worker, super high energy and always has a positive thing to say.  He thrives on motivating others and bringing the best out of his training partners, whether it’s 5am or 7pm!

Lance and his beautiful wife Kelly have recently added Presley to the Forever Fit Family and we couldn’t be happier for them.

I was able to pick Lance’s sleep deprived brain to find out why he’s been so successful and here’s what he had to say:

Craig: Why did you start training at Forever Fit SCV?

Lance:  I wanted to challenge myself, feel good about myself, and needed a change.  I was feeling sluggish all the time and even a little grumpy.  I always knew exercise would change that.


Craig: What has made you so successful at Forever Fit SCV?

Lance: The group of people I get to see at every workout.  I enjoy motivating people and in turn it pushes me!


Craig: What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome during your fitness transformation?

Lance: Changing my eating habits.  It’s not perfect by any means, but I am always working on it!


Craig: What advice would you offer to others who are just starting out on their fitness journey or have hit a road block?

Lance: Tell others your goal.  That way they help to keep you accountable and on track.


Craig: What drives you to ‘KEEP MAKIN’ CHANGES’?

Lance: Whenever Craig Give me a new level to try!  I look forward to each week to see how he changes me.

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