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My Story

Hi everyone!


I was talking with a member of the Forever Fit SCV Family the other day and, as the conversation went on, this person kept asking me questions like “Why did you get into fitness coaching?” and “Why are you so passionate and committed to helping people?”.  Then it dawned on me, I haven’t really shared ‘My Story’ with all of you!


Del Mar Mud Run


So here it is:


My name is Craig Shinkarik and I’ve been working coaching adults and kids for the last 15 years. Now, before I try to WOW you with credentials and accolades, let me tell you a little secret…


I became a personal trainer because…are you ready? 

I used to be overweight!



Yup! Fitness Coaching is a calling for me.



My journey began as an overweight youngster/teenager looking for answers to losing weight and being more confident. You see, I was always the ‘big kid’ growing up. I was known as ‘chunk’ to my friends and told I was ‘big boned’ and ‘pudgy’.



Basically, I was fat. I would drink soda everyday, eat candy bars, pizza, hamburgers and every other fast food you could think of.



I had played sports my whole life, but I was far from fit.  Then, while preparing for basketball season my freshman year I decided to ‘get in shape’. I stopped drinking soda and instead of getting a double-double and fries at In-n-Out for lunch, I cut out the fries (because fries aren’t healthy) and got a double-double AND a cheeseburger. That was my idea of eating healthy!



Needless to say, that didn’t get me too far.



I finally got serious during my second year of college when I decided that enough was enough. I went to the cabinet, threw away the cookies and chips, started strength training 3-4 days per week and started doing cardio-interval training regularly.  I lost about 25 pounds in 6 months and found something that I was really passionate about.



By the time I was ready to graduate from college, I was well on my way to laying the foundation for my personal training career…



Jump ahead a few more years to 2002 and that’s where my Fitness Coaching career began. I started coaching swim and basketball and training athletes. I was having a huge impact on people and I enjoyed it quite a bit! 🙂



After the birth of my second child, it came time for my wife to either stay home or go back to work. Since she had the better job and was much further along in her career (making a ton more money than me), we decided it was best for me to stay home with the kids and shape their lives. Staying at home with the kids has been one of the most rewarding gifts that life has given me and I strive each and every day to set a great example for them. I decided to finally get certified and started researching various forms of training. Then it happened…..


I discovered a Better Personal Training Model That Helps People Lose Weight and Get In The Best Shape Of Their Lives Quicker, While Having MORE FUN Than Ever!


I began to take a real hard look at what was going on in the personal training industry and what I found was awesome! Personal training programs built on a GROUP personal training model.


I was then able to construct group training programs that could affect the lives of multiple people at one time, while using individualized components of personal training.  It was awesome!  I am now even working games into the exercise programs that I design to make training even more fun.


Forever Fit SCV Family


Awesome results AND fun.  Now that’s fitness done right in my book!


My motto is KEEP MAKIN’ CHANGES! This means continuous improvement. I am not happy with the status quo and neither are my clients. I have a thirst for knowledge and continue to learn anything and everything I can about fitness and motivation. This allows me to grow on a daily basis and provide my clients with the best possible programs so they keep seeing amazing results!


My goal is to change as many lives as possible through fitness and allow people to enjoy the activities they love for as long as they want! If you want to get a college scholarship, I can help! If you want to prepare for an adventure race or adult sport league, I can help. If you want to improve your fitness level or just run around with the grandkids, I can help with that too.



For me, exercise is the GREATEST form of stress relief and missing a training session is simply not an option. The challenge and accomplishment that comes from crushing a workout is something that keeps me sane and ready to attack each day! It is a time to put the world on hold and focus on improving myself and setting a great example for my kids and clients.
my family


I have been called crazy, obsessed, passionate, ambitious, highly motivated and Mr. Focus. Is that a bad thing?


Not in my mind!


My goal is to lead from the front and show people that you can accomplish anything you want with hard work and focus!



Craig Shinkarik

Owner of Forever Fit SCV