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You’ve got to EARN IT!

NOTHING in life comes easy!

It is as simple as that.  Things don’t just fall into your lap, and if they do then it is probably too good to be true.

You see, HARD WORK is the foundation of everything.  You’ve got to EARN it!

Nobody is blessed with the perfect body.  Nobody is given a million dollars just for being themselves.  Nobody gets the perfect job just because they’re smart.

You have got to EARN everything you receive!

If you have your ideal body, then you have put in the sweat equity to achieve it.  If you are financially comfortable, then you have put in the hours at work or taken risks that others weren’t willing to take. If you have the perfect job, then you probably worked hard in school or put in countless hours learning a skill and improving yourself while others just relaxed.


I tell my clients in my training sessions that you need to EARN your rest.  Don’t just go through the motions to get through a set.  CHALLENGE yourself to work as hard as you can and be the best you can be.

There are plenty of people out there who make excuses or don’t want to WORK HARD.  People who say they don’t have time to train/workout.  People who say they don’t have time to better themselves and learn a new skill.

But not you, right!

You are a warrior that pushes to BETTER YOURSELF day in and day out.  You put your blinders and ear muffs on when people try to stand in your way or say you can’t do something.  You take risks and take on challenges that others are not willing to.


Try to step out of your comfort zone today, CHALLENGE YOURSELF and take a risk.

Here’s to an awesome Friday and an even better weekend!